Detailers Pride is born!

This would be the perfect time to kick start our blog posts and introduce ourselves. Detailers Pride was born in 2018 however the business behind it was established in 2011, and for even longer, the people behind it have been avid car care enthusiasts.

Back in 2011, our in store and online car care retailing business ShopnShine was started. This came about after seeing a gap in the market, for retailing all the quality branded products in one place that you need for detailing your car. We started with brands like Auto Glym and Valet Pro and after a short period of time we had hundreds of products from brands all over the world. 

With years of experience in the industry we have built up a keen knowledge of products, and what our customers want/expect from them. We realised selling other peoples products can be frustrating as we have no influence over how they are made. This prompted us to slowly but properly establish a range of our own brand products which not only perform brilliantly but are easy to use and understand.

In 2015, we created a small but successful own brand range of products starting with a shampoo and snow foam, but due to time constraints with ShopnShine it meant that we could not dedicate enough time to grow the brand how we liked and produce the product quick enough, so we decided to retire this brand and focus solely on ShopnShine for the time being.

3 years on and with more experience under our belts, we are still passionate about creating our own range. So based on the issues faced with our last attempt we have invested in the machinery to bottle and label our products quicker and more efficiently. We have spent many months coming up with a new brand name, designing a new logo and most importantly trademarking it. 

Detailers Pride Bottle

We want to keep the range simple, yet sophisticated. Lots of time was spent speaking with label printers and bottle manufactures to ensure we could get the look we desired. The chemical inside is carefully planned and formulated with chemists to ensure the products are safe, easy to use and yield fantastic results every time. With each product we release, we want them to look good, perform thoroughly and give the results that please.

We are really excited to begin our new venture bringing you our very own range of detailing products and hope you enjoy following our progress and developments.