Introducing Swipe

Introducing our new product Swipe. Swipe is a Quick Detailer which lightly cleans streaks and smears from your paintwork whilst leaving behind a high gloss finish and protective layer which repels water.

Swipe Quick Detailer

Swipe is easy to use, simply just Spray and WIPE which is where it got it's name from. Swipe is perfect for use after each wash to quickly remove unsightly streaks and water spots, improve the gloss and top up the protection. Swipe can also be used when you arrive to a car show or meet to clean light dust from the paintwork however be careful when wiping the paintwork so you don't inflict scratches or swirl marks into the paintwork.

Swipe Quick Detailer

Swipe can also be used as a drying aid. After washing your car and rinsing simply spray Swipe on the surface and then proceed to dry with your drying towel. It will help the towel glide across the surface and reduce friction.

Like the drying aid, helping to reduce friction and allowing the towel to glide easily, Swipe can be used as a clay lube also. Simply spray on to the area to be treated and the clay bar, proceed to clay and once the area is complete wipe it down with a microfibre towel.

Swipe Quick Detailer

Swipe adds that finishing touch to your car, lightly cleaning, increasing gloss and adding water beading protection all in one quick process.

Swipe Available Here: Detailers Pride Swipe Quick Detailer