Snow Foam Time

It's time to introduce our second product! Our Snow Foam. A number of factors had to be met with our snow foam in order for us to be happy with it. Like our Auto Wash Shampoo, we wanted it to be pH neutral, which it is, making it friendly on waxes, sealants and coatings. It had to be concentrated, which again it is, only needing 100ml in a 1L Snow Foam Lance. Some of the rival snow foams need 250ml - 300ml of product! Finally it needed to clean well. Which of course it does, otherwise we wouldn't have released it.

Detailers Pride Snow Foam on Porsche Cayman

Our Snow Foam provides a thick blanket of wax friendly, pH neutral foam which eats into and lifts away dirt and grime. 100ml is all you need to make 1L of solution in a Snow Foam Lance and using it will minimise the risk of inflicting swirl marks during the wash process.

Snow Foam Available Here: Detailers Pride Snow Foam