Service Time

The R32 made it home and first things first, we want to give it a service. The engine felt a little sloppy and it seemed to have a slight miss fire. A trip out to our local VW parts shop resulted in new spark plugs, oil, oil filter, pollen filter and a K&N Panel Filter. 

Service on the R32

Adam, my friend and an experienced mechanic got to work servicing the car, whilst I opted for the easy job of fitting the air filter. We quickly realised that the service was well due, the plugs had certainly seen better days and the oil was filthy. 

R32 Service Time

The Golf did feel a lot better for the service, the air filter and new exhaust made it sound like it should! It still didn't feel quite right however and since the oil change had developed a rattle which we suspected was coming from the timing chain!

R32 Service Time

Well, we must push on as the next port of call is sorting the brakes out and this dodgy chain rattle before it's too late!