The Purchase

I'm a big fan of VW's and when our sister company ShopnShine seeked a project car, it was obvious VW was the first port of call. We wanted something desirable and something that would perhaps be a future classic and somewhat collectable.

My first car was a 1998 VW Golf MK4 1.6, quickly followed by an upgrade to a 2002 VW Golf MK4 1.9 GT TDI so one car first on the list was a MK4 Golf R32.

After lots of time researching, we realised we wanted to avoid certain colours, not because of their looks but more from a numbers point. From the 2391 MK4 R32's sold in the UK 755 were Black, 615 Silver and 813 in Deep Blue Pearl. The other colours seemed more desirable from a collectors point of view.

On the 8th of August 2017 myself and a friend took a trip down to London to view a 2004 R32 in Indigo Blue which out of the 2391 R32's ordered, only 76 were in that colour! The car was in good condition, a few marks and scrapes but to be expected for a car of it's age. Service history was good and it had covered just over 80,000 miles. A price was agreed and I drove it home!

VW Golf MK4 R32

The drive home up the M1 was interesting. The car suffered with wheel wobble at around 70mph, the brakes weren't great, power delivery and throttle response were jerky and the exhaust was suspiciously quiet. Despite it's faults it was so much fun to drive and made it back to Derby in one piece.

VW Golf MK4 R32

Anyone that knows me, knows i'm impatient so as soon as I knew I had secured a Golf, I had a Scorpion Exhausts System on order. First thing to do is service the car but we have many plans so stay tuned.