Microfibre Buffing Towel

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The Detailers Pride Microfibre Buffing Towel is perfect for buffing waxes and quick detailers from the paintwork. It features a luxury, super soft, plush surface which is absorbent and gentle on the paintwork. As well as the plush deep pile It features a super soft micro suede edging ensuring every part of this buffing towel is gentle on your paintwork, minimising the risk of inflicting scratches.

Detailers Pride Microfibre Buffing Towel

Caring for your buffing towel

To keep your towel fresh and clean follow these simple instructions. Wash in the washing machine at 40 degrees with liquid detergent. Do not use fabric conditioners or any kind of powders.

Size: 16x24"
Weight: 550 gsm

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