Wheel Woolies

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Wheel Woolies from Braun Automotive are a 3 piece wheel brush kit. Wheel Woolies are designed to help remove brake dust, grime and much more whilst remaining gentle on your wheels.

Wheel Woolies

Wheel Woolies are constructed with a sturdy plastic handle with one end covered in a super soft synthetic wool material, which will thoroughly clean the wheel and stand up to harsh chemicals. Unlike traditional bristle brushes, Wheel Woolies wont splatter dirt back at you. 

Wheel Woolies

Wheel Woolies are not just limited to the wheels, they can be used on engine bays, door shuts, grilles and many other places. However you must remember that brake dust from wheels is very abrasive and you should thoroughly wash the Wheel Woolies before considering use elsewhere on the vehicle.

Whats in the Wheel Woolies 3 Piece Kit?

The Wheel Woolies 3 Piece Wheel Brush Kit features 3 different sizes, a small, medium and large, designed for various size wheels, spoke gaps or calliper clearances. We have listed the sizes below:

  • 1x 18" long with 3" diameter head (large)
  • 1x 12" long with 2" diameter head (medium)
  • 1x 8" long with 1" diameter head (small)

Wheel Woolies

Caring for your Wheel Woolies

We strongly recommend using the Wheel Woolies in conjunction with a "Wheel Bucket" by this we mean a bucket, separate from your washing buckets you can keep dunking the woolies into to keep them clean during use. This will keep them working to their full potential and minimise the risk of inflicting scratching or marring on the wheel. Very much like you would keep your wash mitt clean whilst washing the car.

Finally when you have finished with the Wheel Woolies, rinse out thoroughly and store in a clean environment ready for use again next time you wash your vehicle.

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