Clay Bar

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The Detailers Pride Clay Bar is perfect for removing contaminants from the paintwork. Clay Bars remove contaminants like tree sap, overspray, tar, fallout and more to leave a smooth, decontaminated surface ready for polishing and waxing.

A decontaminated surface will be easier to polish and wax and the wax will have a better bond to the surface, increasing its durability.

Using The Clay Bar

We recommend cutting this bar up into 6 chunks, keep the remaining 5 chunks in the plastic wrapper and in the box for now. Knead the chunk of clay into a coin shape. Ensure the vehicle is clean before claying.

Proceed to spray clay lubricant onto the surface of the paintwork and the clay bar. Working in small sections at a time rub the clay bar up and down the paintwork, periodically reapplying more lubricant to the surface.

Once each section is complete wipe it down with a clean microfibre towel. The clay bar will become soiled over time so you need to re-kneed to ensure you have a clean side is in contact with the paintwork. Once a clean side cant be found on the clay bar grab a new piece from the box.

Size: 200g

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