Detailers Pride Spokes Wheel Cleaner 1L
Detailers Pride Spokes Wheel Cleaner 5L

Spokes Wheel Cleaner

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Detailers Pride Spokes is a concentrated, powerful and acid free wheel cleaner which quickly and easily removes brake dust and grime from your alloy wheels.

It's concentrated formula makes it perfect for regular use as you can dilute it up to 1:10 whilst still remaining powerful. At stronger dilutions It will remove most brake dust by simply spraying on and jet washing off however for the perfect clean agitation with wheel brushes will be required. Spokes is safe for use on all painted and lacquered finishes.

Detailers Pride Spokes Wheel Cleaner

Using Spokes

Ensure wheels are cool before use. Dilute 1:4 for heavy soiling through to 1:10 for lighter soiling. Spray on to the wheel and either allow to dwell for several minutes and rinse off or for the perfect clean agitate with brushes. Finally rinse thoroughly. Not suitable for bare polished or unlacquered wheels.

We recommend diluting down in one of our Spray Bottles with a Standard Spray Head. For the perfect clean from face to the back on the wheels Wheel Woolies are fantastic wheel brushes.

Sizes: 1L & 5L

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