About Us

Detailers Pride is a brand created with many years of experience in the car care and detailing industry. We want to create a simple range of detailing products that are easy to use yet offer outstanding results. On top of this we want to cherry pick the finest products from other brands to compliment our range!

So Detailers Pride the brand was started in 2018 however it's origins go back to 2015 and even longer than that back to 2011 with the company behind it all.

So, back in 2011 we established the multi brand retailing store ShopnShine.co.uk, over the years we built up many products from many of the top brands. We quickly became a well established and trusted business in the industry. Fast forward to 2015 and we fancied producing our own products. We ended up making a shampoo and snow foam under the name of Glanz. Yes we loved the products and our customers did too! Demand really picked up, it was featured in several magazines however the bubble burst... ShopnShine was year on year doubling it's turnover and Glanz was very labour intensive to produce. Glanz was the weakest link and we stopped production.

In 2017 we introduced an automated stock management and order processing system for ShopnShine and all of a sudden we had much more free time... We couldn't go back to the Glanz brand as a company had since set up with a similar name so we want back to the drawing board. After a few weeks we came up with the name Detailers Pride. We then set about getting a designer to create us a logo and brand image. The time taken from ideas to the first product being launched was 5 months! 

We will be slowly, but surely be releasing products to bring you a comprehensive range with the advice and tips to back them up!