Claying & Decontamination Guide

Decontamination is the process of removing stubborn, bonded contaminants from the surface. This can be done with various chemicals and a clay bar. Bonded contaminants are what remain after washing the vehicle. They need to be removed as it can hinder the finish of the vehicle, make polishing harder and prevent protection products like waxes from bonding properly meaning they wont last as long as they should.

Contamination can be a number of things such as tree sap, overspray, tar, fallout and much more. Tar and fallout can be mostly if not completely removed with chemical cleaners and a Clay Bar can remove the rest.

First, ensure the vehicle is clean and dry. Start by removing tar using a Tar Remover. Simply spray on the affected areas and allow to dwell for a minute or two. Then using a microfibre towel wipe the tar remover and tar deposits away. Stubborn tar deposits may need a second hit with the tar remover. Once remove ensure to rinse the vehicle down well to remove all residue.

Secondly, this is to remove the iron fallout on the paintwork. Fallout comes from various sources but on vehicles it mainly comes from the vehicles brakes but can come from other sources in the environment like railway lines and industrial areas. Iron Fallout is tiny shards of hot, sharp metal which embed themselves into your vehicles paintwork. Luckily an easy spray and rinse chemical is available to remove them called a Fallout Remover. For this process the car can still be wet from rinsing the tar remover, simply spray the Fallout Remover on all of the paintwork. This product smells nasty so we recommend wearing Gloves for this. Don't apply fallout removers in direct sunlight and don't allow them to dry on. Once the fallout remover starts working it bleed a red colour where it reacts with iron deposits. Once it has had a few minutes to work on the paintwork it can be simply rinse from the surface.

The final step is the Clay Bar. A Clay Bar is a block of clay which, with the aid of a Clay Lube glides across the paint surface removing bonded contaminants with it. Our Clay Bars are 200g and we suggest cutting into 6 pieces. Get one piece and flatten it into a coin shape and then saturate both the bar and the paint surface with Clay Lube. Without putting any pressure on rub the clay bar back and forth on the surface several times. Keep doing this all the way around the vehicle, cover all painted areas and glass. Check the bar over time and if it becomes dirty, re-fold it to reveal a clean side. Once it becomes fully dirty, replace with another piece. If you drop the bar, get another piece. After claying each panel, wipe it down with a clean microfibre towel.

Now the surface is ready for polishing and protecting. It will feel smooth and you will notice it is a lot easier to polish now.