Wheel Cleaning Guide

Your wheels have a hard life, they get hot and lots of brake dust and iron filings chucked at them, it's important to clean and keep on top of them with the right products.

Firstly, we recommend cleaning the wheels before even applying a snow foam, why? Well whilst spraying wheel cleaner and potentially flicking dirt from the wheels and the wheel brush all over the clean paint, why not do it before you wash.

Now, there is nothing wrong with using a colour changing, bleeding iron fallout remover to clean your wheels but it can get very expensive so here is our top tip for pampering your wheels.

Get a separate bucket from your Wash and Rinse buckets and dedicate this for Wheels only. Fill this bucket with an assortment of wheels brushes and some of our Auto Wash Shampoo. Ensure the wheels are cool and liberally spray the wheels with our Wheel Cleaner. Work on one wheel at a time and allow to dwell for a minute. Work on cleaning the inside of the wheels first, using the shampoo will help keep the brushes lubricated. Then using a smaller detailing brush work on the brake calliper and face (spokes) of the wheels. Then rinse the wheel down. This stage will remove all brake dust.

At this point you may have stubborn brake dust or fallout deposits left behind, this is when the bleeding wheel cleaner / fallout remover comes into play. Liberally spray the wheel in the fallout remover and allow to bleed. We recommend using a fallout remover every month or so and to use the wheel cleaner each time you wash, this keeps the costs down. You will find that the fallout remover works more efficiently this way by actually attacking the stubborn deposits instead of being wasted on brake dust which is easier to remove. Once this product has worked, rinse thoroughly.

Finally, we like to clean the tyres. Simply spray our Tyre Cleaner on the tyre side wall and then scrub with the tyre brush. This removes any dirt and grime as well as old dressings to ensure the new coat of tyre dressing bonds properly.

Repeat the process for each wheel and then continue to wash the vehicle.