Bucket Sticker Set

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Our bucket sticker set lets you easily identify what bucket is for what process. Included is 3x 180mm high-quality foil stickers with Wash in blue, Rinse in red and Wheels in Black.

Detailers Pride Wash Bucket Stickers

The two bucket method minimizes the risk of inflicting swirl marks in your paintwork by separating the dirty water (rinse bucket) from the clean water (wash bucket). Simply fill the rinse bucket up with water and the wash bucket will contain your water with shampoo. Dunk your wash mitt in the wash bucket and clean a section of the car. Bring the mitt back to the rinse bucket to clean it out before dunking in the wash bucket again for a fresh dose of clean wash water and repeat until the whole car is clean.

Detailers Pride Bucket Stickers

It's important to have a separate bucket for the wheels was this will become very dirty with brake dust which is extremely abrasive and would cause scratches to your paintwork.