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Icon Iron Fallout Remover

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Detailers Pride Icon is a pH balanced Iron Contamination Remover. Icon works by reacting with iron fallout which can be on your vehicle and allowing for them to be rinsed away. Its colour change formula will bleed purple upon contact with contamination showing you when it is working. Finally, unlike many others, Icon smells borderline, quite nice! 

Detailers Pride Icon Iron Fallout Remover

What causes iron fallout to be on the vehicle?

Iron contamination or fallout can be from a number of sources, heavy industrial areas, railway lines and most commonly your vehicle's brakes. Tiny pieces of iron filings can come from these sources and embed into your wheels, paintwork and other areas.

Why do I need to remove iron fallout?

As part of the decontamination process, it's important to remove iron fallout. Iron filings embedded in your vehicles paintwork or wheels not only will leave a rough finish but also could lead to premature rusting or damage to paintwork.

How Icon works

Icon works by reacting with iron contamination and loosening the contamination allowing for it to be rinsed away. It features a colour change formula so you can see when the product is ready to be rinsed away.

Detailers Pride Icon Iron Fallout Remover

Wheel Cleaner

Icon can be used as a wheel cleaner however can work out to be an expensive way of keeping your wheels clean. We strongly recommend the use of a traditional wheel cleaner for regular use and then use Icon periodically for a deeper clean.

Detailers Pride Icon Iron Fallout Remover

Icon will react with the brake dust and bleed, allowing for most of the dirt to be rinsed away with a jet wash. 

Detailers Pride Icon Iron Fallout Remover

When used like this, the fallout remover is usually busy attacking the brake dust that stubborn contaminants can be left behind. This is why a wheel cleaner would be better to use first and then use Icon after to attack the stubborn iron deposits like in the photo below.

Detailers Pride Icon Iron Fallout Remover

How To Use

Before use, it's important to note do not use on hot surfaces and do not allow to dry on the surface. 

Bodywork decontamination - Ensure the vehicle is clean and washed before application. Spray Icon on all areas of the vehicle and allow to work. When contact is made with iron deposits it will bleed purple. To finish the process simply rinse away.

Wheels (dirty) - Ensure wheels are cool, spray on to the wheels and allow to bleed. If wheels are really dirty, agitation with brushes may be necessary. Finally, rinse clean.

Wheels (cleaned) - Clean the wheels first with a traditional wheel cleaner to remove light brake dust. Rinse wheel cleaner from the surface and proceed to spray Icon on to the wheels. Allow to bleed purple and then rinse.

Size: 1L & 5L

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