Detailers Pride Swipe Quick Detailer 500ml
Detailers Pride Swipe Quick Detailer 5L

Swipe Quick Detailer

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Detailers Pride Swipe is a high gloss and hydrophobic quick detailer. A simple spray and wipe is all you need to remove streaks, fingerprints, dust and much more whilst leaving behind a protective layer which repels water.

Detailers Pride Swipe

Swipe provides that finishing touch after a wash or when you arrive at a car show or meet. It will increase gloss levels, add a layer of protection and lightly clean the paintwork. Its anti-static properties will help prevent dust build up too.

Safe for use on any shiny surface like paintwork, wheels, glass, chrome, vinyl wrap and much more.

Detailers Pride Microfibre Buffing Towel

How To Use Swipe

Spray on to the surface and simply wipe with a Microfibre Buffing Towel. If working on a smaller area it's a good idea to spray Swipe on to the towel and wipe the surface. You may need to flip the towel to a dry side for a final buff.

Size: 500ml & 5L

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