Wash Bucket & Grit Guard

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The Detailers Pride Wash Bucket is a tough, heavy duty 20L car wash bucket which comes complete with a Grit Guard. The Grit Guard provides a barrier between the dirt and grime at the bottom of your bucket and your wash mitt. The design of the Grit Guard prevents dirt and grime from travelling back up and into the wash mitt. 

The Grit Guard makes for a safer wash routine and greatly minimises the risk of inflicting swirl marks and scratches in your paintwork.

The Two Bucket Method

For the ultimate in safe washing of your vehicle many detailers and enthusiasts use the Two Bucket Method. How this works is by splitting up your clean 'wash' water and dirty 'rinse' water. Fill your wash bucket with shampoo and the rinse bucket with just water. Take your wash mitt to the wash bucket for fresh wash water and proceed to wash a panel. When the panel is washed take the mitt to the rinse bucket and rinse the wash mitt out in there, making sure to squeeze out excess water. Then return the wash mitt to the wash bucket for a fresh dose of clean wash water. Repeat this process until the whole vehicle is clean. Inspect the buckets after, you will see the benefit!